Tuesday @ 7: #21 - Holly Robertson

For the record, there were a ton of photos I could've chosen for this post, but I tried to hold back and still feel like I'm posting a ton of them. I LOVE this shoot. I definitely want to start moving more this direction artistically.

So Holly. Holly is fantastic. She's a junior here at DBU and fellow photographer and that's how we met. I was shooting an event and needed a flash and, being far more prepared than I ever am, she had one. I called her up and asked if I could borrow it and that's how we connected over photography. Ever since it's been a "hey, we should totally hang out and talk photography and stuff!" And it's just not happened. Well, today it happened! And it was great!

Holly and I are both extraverted feelers, so finding something to talk about was not difficult at all. We caught up about the semester and our photography businesses. She's been blowing up recently. I feel like she's doing so many shoots all the time. The first project that I saw from her was her photographing her friends with handicaps. It was so moving to see her love for them and the way she was portraying them.

That's the dream for her too. She wants to do photography and ministry, but specifically to youth and the handicapped. Her boyfriend is going into ministry and she wants them to be able to ministry side by side and I think that's awesome. I'm always looking for ways Katie and I can do ministry together so I totally understand that. 

Both of us happen to be in extreeeeeeeemly long relationships with our high schools sweet hearts, so that was fun to talk about. When you've been dating someone for 5+ years, it can get pretty hard to find someone who understands, so it's really nice when you get to talk to someone who knows what it's like. Her and her boyfriend have been together since like freshman year of high school and Katie and I have been together since right before my sophomore year. So yeah, we knew where each other is coming from.

A bit about this shoot. This shoot seriously feels like a step up for me. I love what we were able to make here with this shoot. With Fall (the best season) here, this shoot captures the colors and mood of it so perfectly, looking at these gets me so pumped for the cold weather and sweaters and leaves everywhere. I can feel it all ready. I love being able to try new things and this shoot feels like an evolution toward where I want to be as a photographer. 

All of this is at a time where I'm struggling with figuring out what's next for me. I've never been good or enjoyed school, but for the first time ever I'm considering and pursuing grad school. God's been moving in my life in weird ways and I'm starting to walk down a path that I've never even considered before. While Katie and I are planning a wedding and preparing for marriage and she's transition jobs and all of this is happening at the same time. It's daunting place to be. I feel a lot of uncertainty but I'm also incredibly happy with where I am and confident that God know's what he's doing. Which is definitely a great thing because I sure don't.