Tuesday @ 7 - #9: Jordan Goetsch

A fun game to play is Where In The World is Jordan Goetsch From? He was born in Germany. He was raised in Alaska. Then he moved to North Carolina. After that he moved to New Braunfels, TX. Now he's one of my roommates at DBU. I think he likes Alaska best, so I told him he could bring his Alaska flag that hangs in our living room with him. It made for a cool prop.

Jordan Snapchats a lot. You should add him (goetschjordan). He's a funny guy who is always coming up with something to make you laugh. He's done lots of random things like intern for the Mayor of Dallas, work construction, and is going to be a Production Intern at The Village Church starting in August. He loves production and eventually wants to film documentaries. For now he shoots awesome cycling videos with his GoPro that are really fun to watch.

I've always wanted to go shoot at White Rock Lake and have somehow missed every opportunity that I've had to do so. Jordan threw it out as an idea and I jumped on it immediately. It's such a cool area. There's a really active cycling community out there. Bikers were everywhere. It made driving around it interesting. But the docks are so cool. We found a few and took most of our pics on those. Water in pictures just makes everything cooler.

It was a bit more of a drive than normal, but I love this shoot. Such a cool place and Jordan is such a cool guy. While I'm at it, I just want to say thank you to all of you so much for the amount of support I've gotten on these shoots. I really appreciate all of the comments I get when I run into you in person or the Facebook messages I've received. It is super encouraging to me and keeps me going. Can't wait till next weeks!

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