Tuesday @ 7 - #8: Mary Dolan

This week's shoot was with Mary Dolan. I didn't know Mary for a while even though she's roommates with one of my best friends, Chelsea. But she went on the Germany trip that I went on and when you're on a trip with people, you're bound to get close, and that's exactly what happened with me and Mary. She's so awesome!

She's studying elementary education, which is something I feel like I can decently understand since Katie is going into Children's Ministry and all. I've learned a lot about kids these last couple of years. Mary has a really cool story about why she's going into education. All the way from pretending she was a teacher with her stuffed animals as a kid, to having a pretty terrible 1st grade teacher and wanting to help other kids avoid that by being a good teacher. Really inspiring stuff!

Mary Dolan T7-26.jpg

I should mention that the necklace she's wearing was made by my friend, Monica Zuniga. She just launched her jewelry business and gave me some to feature. They're really unique pieces with a cool story behind them. If that's your thing, you should go check them out on her website.

I haven't known Mary super long, but her passion for her calling and her loyal friendship have been some things that I've really admired about her and have pushed me to be more of. There's just something about those people you know that will always be there and won't judge you. I feel like those are the people that we should surround ourselves with. The people that push and encourage you. Mary is one of those people. I feel like I've been blessed to get to shoot several people like that. Ben. Bre. Dylan. and of course Katie. All of the people I've gotten to work with have been great. I love that I get to do this.

I know I say it like every week now, but this project has been so good for me on so many levels. If you haven't noticed by now, I've been alternating guy/girl every week. I love that I get to work with so many different kinds of people and I'm looking forward to diversifying my models in the near future. I think people are fascinating. I recently took a test that told me on a scale of 0-10, I'm a 9 in Sociability and super high in Creativity (also a 0 in Details, so there's that too haha). So I thrive off of these shoots. 

If you need a shoot, let me know!