Tuesday @ 7 - #7: Dylan Webb

Sorry for taking so long to get this one up. It was a combination of wifi problems, class, and needing to take a nap because of how little sleep I've gotten this weekend. But here they are! Dylan Webb. What a guy.

I really didn't know Dylan very well before this shoot. I knew things about Dylan because we go to school together, but never really knew much beyond the surface. Finally, we had a class together this semester and started getting to know each other a bit more. This guy is awesome.

We had such good conversations while we were out. We talked about calling, introvertness vs. extrovertness, creativity, pride and insecurity swings, doubting yourself and putting yourself out there. It was some deep stuff, y'all. But all of it was so encouraging. I love it when people just seem to get you. Dylan was that way.

My favorite of these.

My favorite of these.

That's just the kind of guy Dylan is though. He skips all the small talk and goes straight to the heart and encourages you the whole way there. I'm convinced that it's impossible to leave a conversation with him and not feel believed in and pushed more towards the Lords. He can barely get three sentences out without quoting scripture. It's crazy in the coolest way possible!

He just raised the money he needs to go intern at a church plant in Seattle this Summer. I'm so jealous he gets to go to Seattle. I've always wanted to go. He did a benefit show at the coffee shop he works for and played his music publicly for the first time and he was incredible! 

We got done a little early and we just went to said coffee shop and talked for like an extra hour and it was fantastic. I'm so glad I took Dylan out for a shoot and finally got to know him. He's a great guy. Hope you like the photos!