Tuesday @ 7 - #6: Sarah Ueckert

I was really worried today's shoot wasn't going to happen. With all of the crazy weather recently, they were saying it was going to rain this morning. Sarah and I were kinda on the edge of our seats seeing if it was going to rain or not. When I woke up this morning, I looked out the window and saw that it was completely dry. Success. So we did the shoot.

Sarah and I were on the DBU Drama Team together our freshman year of college. We got to know each other pretty well while on the team, then she left to do RecTeam and I left to start Initiative. She's the Social Chair (aptly so) of Sigma Chi Eta at DBU and we sort of reconnected at that when I was shooting it. I asked her if she wanted to do a T@7 shoot and she was all about it!

It was hilarious, because Sarah is such a happy person, it's really hard for her to be serious. So  just like 2 seconds after each of these shots, she probably bust out laughing. But seriously though, she made a great model. We decided on a forest shoot rather than a city shoot because Tauriel is her favorite character from the Hobbit because she's a red-headed woodland elf and she wanted to do that whole thing. It definitely worked out for her.

So that's Sarah. An extraverted, red-headed woodland elf. Or something like that. I loved doing this forest shoot and it was fun exploring in the light drizzling rain. Seriously you guys. I love doing these shoots.

Need a shoot?