Tuesday @ 7 - #2: Breanna Chilcote

Today was my 2nd ever Tuesday @ 7 shoot. I want to work with as many different kinds of people as I can, so I made a list of people who I'd love to have a photoshoot with. Some of those people are my best friends. Some of those people that I know well enough to say "Hi" to when we pass each other. Breanna falls into that second category. I've always wanted to know Breanna more, we just run in different friend groups. So when I was looking for a female model for todays shoot, I decided to ask her last minute if she wanted to get up early for a sunrise shoot and, being the spontaneous person she is, she was more than happy to!

Here's the thing with Breanna. If you go to DBU, which is where we go, you've probably heard her sing. She's always performing in the coffee houses, school events, chapel, and whatever other event where music is involved. If there's music, you'll probably see Breanna. And not for no reason either. She has one of the best voices around. She's already released her EP, Where I've Been and "Mr. Kennedy" is an incredible song off of it (also, check out my roommate, Adam, featured on "Down In Flames") .

Working with Breanna was so easy despite not knowing each other too well before the shoot. Apparently, both of our Myers-Briggs personalities are ENFP which basically just means we're both talkative and like to have fun, so finding something to talk about is never hard.

I'm so glad I reached to Breanna for this shoot. It was so great getting to know her and taking these stunning photos! It's only the 2nd week, but I think doing these weekly shoots is going to be so good for me. Getting to hang out with friends or people who will be friends all while intentionally growing in my craft and getting to give out some good photos. Sounds like a win-win to me!

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