Tuesday @ 7: #19 - Austin Crosby

and we're back!

I took a break from Tuesday @ 7 in August just because I needed a break from a lot of things. I had just finished a class, had another class coming up, and knew school was going to officially start soon and I wanted to be as rested as possible for it. But here we are, it's September and I'm ready to jump back in the game. I woke up at 5:45am this morning to do yoga with my roommates and my good friend Jake who is basically a yogi, then Austin and I hit downtown to do this morning's shoot, and man, I love this shoot. I guess the time off was good for me after all, because I can't think of a better shoot to start back into Tuesday @ 7 with.

Austin transferred into DBU last year and he moved into our townhome because he had become friends with Adam when Adam interned at a church in Houston where Austin is from. When Austin moved in, Adam was the only person who knew him. I remember Adam saying something along the lines of: "Guys I promise, you're gonna love Austin. Nobody doesn't love Austin. He's like the most likable guy ever." That might be my interpretation of it but it was something like that.

And he was right. Seriously. It's impossible to not like Austin. His first week in the townhome he made bacon-wrapped dove pepper poppers. I knew he was gonna be awesome when that happened.

Austin, first of all, has one of the best singing voices I think I've ever heard come from a guy. He was writing music in junior high and high school and is insanely talented. He leads worship for the students at First Baptist Dallas and plays music in pretty much every capacity here at DBU. He has such a heart for ministry. His goal is to one day be a teaching pastor but he's legitimately content doing whatever God has put before him, which for right now, is youth and music, and he puts everything he's got into it.

I'm not 100% sure about the context around the story, but apparently Ben Rector said he's the most photogenic person ever. So if Ben Rector tells you that, it's true. Maybe I should send these photos to him to prove it.

This was such a fun shoot to jump back in with. It was a blast hanging out with Austin all morning before class and getting to shoot these. Also, he wore a suit fancy suit, so that just makes him that much more cool. We talked about how we wished we could rock a suit every day. I think I lost the one suit jacket I had. I need to get a new one.

When it comes to photo stuff, everyone seems to be booking me for October because they don't want to shoot in the heat. So if you want to get in on the October action, let me know! It really is getting better out there though, so if this month works better for you, we can definitely shoot in September as well. I know a lot of people will be graduating in December, so let me know if you're wanting some senior photos!

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See ya next week!