Tuesday @ 7: #18 - Lyeah Soland

This will be a short one. Things have gotten a bit crazy. Yesterday I got in a wreck about 5 minutes after we finished this shoot. So that happened. I'm okay. Hopefully my car will be okay too. Also, we're having to move all of the stuff out of our townhome because we're getting new carpet, and I have another shoot tonight (that I'm super pumped for). So this will be mainly photos.

Lyeah is awesome. She reached out to me a while back because she's launching her fashion blog really soon. She's a student at DBU with me and is super involved on campus. I love working with people who are just starting out because I know what that feels like. I still feel like I'm still starting out in a lot of ways, and I love it when people work with me because of that, not in spite of it. So I love being able to help others who are just getting started as well. She's studying business, marketing, and psychology, which are like my three favorite topics in the world. 

There's this coffee shop inside the Joule hotel and it's really small but really cool. I'd highly recommend it.

Sorry for the lateness and shortness of this post. It'll get back to normal soon I promise. I have so many shoots that I haven't posted just because I haven't had time. This class I'm in is over after next week, then I'm just gonna have a catch up week where I share all the work I've been doing besides Tuesday At 7 that just hasn't had the time to get posted. I can't wait for it and I think you'll love the shoots! Till next week!