Tuesday @ 7: #16 - Paige Tatman

When I picked Paige up at 6:30 this morning, she had made me a cup of coffee. That should give you a hint of the kind of person that Paige is.

Paige was roommates with my fianceé, Katie, for 2 years. They met each other in the Zeta Chi sorority here at DBU and quickly became best friends, so naturally, that's when I met Paige. I realized really quickly why they were best friends. Like Katie, Paige takes her time, is slow to speak, carefully processes everything she takes in, and thinks on a deeper level than your average Joe (Jane?). There's not a whole lot of small talk with Paige. She cuts right to the chase. She's interested in you. That always makes for a good conversation.

Paige Tatman-8.jpg

"When's the last time you did a photoshoot?"


You'd never know it from these shots. Whether or not she was comfortable in front of a camera, she pulled it off really well. I love these shots. Maybe the 5 spiders we ran into and me freaking out helped loosen her up in from of the camera. We seriously ran into a ton of spiders. You've heard it said, "anything for the 'gram." But I say, "nay, not if there are spiders in the way." We still found some solid places.

Paige went to DBU obviously, but she is part of the nursing program here that partners with Baylor. So even though she lived on campus last year, she was technically a student at Baylor. It's confusing but makes sense when you're in it I guess. Either way, she's studying to be a nurse. And that's really Paige's heart. Between that and the coffee, I'm sure you can tell that her passion is taking care of people. She wants to help and nurture everyone around her and especially those that need it. You can see why her and Katie are such great friends.  

The leaves on her shirt in the picture below got stuck on her from the picture above. So that was a complete accident and I felt really bad about it, but it turned out to make for a killer photo.

I'd really only hung out with Paige with Katie or in groups of people before, so it was a blast getting to just hang out with her for the morning and catch up on her life. I love Katie's friends. I think community is a huge part of life and surrounding yourself with the right people, the people that build you up and encourage you and challenge you and check in on you, is one of the most important things you can do. Paige is one of those people in Katie's life and, therefor, one of those people in my life, and I'm thankful for that.

In other news, my class started this week so my schedule is not what I'm used to it being, but it's nowhere near as bad as I expected. I really expected it to be horrible, but it's way more doable than I thought it would be. I'll still sadly be less productive than I was in June and have to say no to more things, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Saying no is important. Saying no to one things let's you say yes to something more important. Maybe that's even saying no to something seemingly productive so you can say yes to rest. I hustled hard in June but I'm having to relearn what it means to take care of myself. To not run myself into the ground. Especially with this next year coming up. Senior year of college, running a business, planning a wedding, and making sure that I still have friends by the end of it all. It's a crazy season of life. 

This is my 16th Tuesday @ 7, which means I've done this for 16 weeks, or around 4 months. That doesn't seem like too long, but I really can't believe I'm still going. I've had some people tell me that they look forward to this every Tuesday which is crazy to me. The fact that people want to see some photos I take and read a couple of paragraphs every week doesn't make sense. But it's the small things. You don't have to do anything big to make a difference. Just show people you care. If you're one of those people that come back week after week, thank you. I don't take you for granted. 

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