Tuesday @ 7: #15 - Jacob Gries

I got up early and took my friend Jake out on a TA7 shoot and it was awesome! I didn't even know where we would go until I woke up this morning. But I decided to go shoot at the Irving Convention Center since I've always seen cool photos from there but have never been. So that's where we went.

Before we got started though, we needed our morning dose of coffee and Jake lives in the Bishop Arts District, so we stopped by Davis Street Espresso at 6:30am for some "buttery" espresso (as Jake called it, but that's really the best way to describe it) and it was awesome.  

Jake was on the Germany trip that I went on over Spring Break and that's when we got close. He might just be the single most encouraging person I know. It's hard for him to speak without you leaving encouraged in one way or another. He just never really has anything negative to say and is always building you up. I think that's awesome. I want to be more encouraging like that.

When I was taking those last few shots, I said, "Wow, you're really good at looking like you're deep in thought.... wait, you actually are deep in thought, aren't you?" Yes, in fact, he was. He's just that kind of guy. Skip the small talk. Jake jumps straight to the heart of things and is always thinking on a deeper level, even at 7am. 

He started working for Initiative right after I left. I wish we got to work together. It was cool talking to him about that. He's experiencing all of the things I experienced. Spending time with Initiative changes the way you think forever and I love seeing people grow from just getting a taste of that culture. 

Jake is really into yoga. Like, really into it. He's been thinking about teaching yoga for a while now. We got breakfast at Oddfellows after the shoot and were talking about it and he expressed some doubts about being able to do it. We talked through it an by the end of it, he knew what he had to do. Don't be surprised if you see something on Facebook from him saying he's teaching yoga soon. Just saying. I'd go.


The light this morning was just as "buttery" as our morning espresso. I loved shooting at the convention center. 

In other news, I'm pretty tired this week. I start a class next week, I'm behind on some work, I haven't gotten a ton of sleep, and I'm learning that planning a wedding isn't the easiest thing in the world. We were all like, "We won't get stressed out! We're a chill couple!" How naive. It definitely isn't easy. But that's okay. God is at work and life is still good. Every day can't be smooth sailing. You just gotta keep moving forward. 

I'm interested to see how life is once school starts back up. Not only next week but also in August when I'll start being in class every day. I wasn't able to get all Tuesday/Thursday classes like I used to (which I'd highly recommend to anyone) which is a bummer, but that's alright. It's my senior year. It's the in-between. Engaged but in school. Working on a career but still have to work on homework. This is the tension of being 21. This is the transition season. I'm just trying to learn how to make the most of it.