Tuesday @ 7: #13 - Kyle Wilson

In the summer between high school and my first year of college, I was the guy that added everyone I could find going to DBU the year I was. One of the first people I found and friended was Kyle Wilson. As everyone did with everyone, I Facebook stalked him and realized that we were interested in like all of the same things. Music. Theatre. Movies. Ministry. Us Fine Arts kids have to stick together. I almost reached out to him and asked if he wanted to be roommates. For whatever reason, I didn't. I'm not necessarily saying I should have, because my freshman year roommates were great, but let's just say that Kyle and I have been roommates for the last two years and will be for our senior year again (along with Stephen Boyd).

Kyle quickly became one of my best friends. We met and hit it off immediately. We bonded over our love for musicals and would sing Music of the Night to whoever was listening. At one point we were walking out of the caf singing because idk that's what we do, and these girls opened up their dorm windows to listen, so we just went with it and serenaded them. That was interesting. It's not really even that either of us are the best singers in the world either. We just kind of go for it. That basically describes Kyle and I's friendship. We've also memorized the parts to the Confrontation scene from Les Mis and can bust into that on command as well.


I didn't pose him here. His neck was itchy. It just ended up being the most freaking GQ photo ever.

Kyle is one of those guys that will always be there for you. He's also that guy who's just straight killing it in what he's doing even if no one ever hears about it. He's been a youth pastor for almost 2 years now and has basically tripled the size of the ministry. He leads a group of freshmen here at DBU and teaches them out to preach and be leaders. He's discipled guys. He's met with tons of pastors just to learn from them. And he's getting his Master's degree. Kyle is making huge difference and his faithfulness to his calling is so apparent and is producing incredible results. I really look up to him a ton for that.

Today was another great morning of just hanging out, exploring, and taking pics together. I'm so thankful for Kyle and the friend he's been throughout college. I think we could all use a friend like Kyle.