Tuesday @ 7: #12 - Paul Morrison

I hung out with Paul today. It wasn't so much a shoot as it was us getting coffee and I brought my camera. I mean, we were doing a shoot, but catching up was more of the priority. Paul is Hannah's husband, and I've seen her a lot lately, but it's been far too long since Paul and I have hung out, so I really just wanted to catch up and snap some photos while we were at it.

It's probably no surprise that we met up at Roots. I will say, he suggested it, not me. I basically already live at Roots. In fact, I edited these photos, wrote this, and posted it from Roots. I'll still probably be at Roots at least an hour after this post goes live. It's a problem.

Paul is awesome. He helped plant a church and then, after a few different jobs, he works with the marketing team over at Foot Cardigan. He's like actually doing work on his phone in these photos. That's a cool job. I promise he wasn't ignoring me. It's hard to find creative poses in a busy coffee shop, so I was cool with the classic "look at the phone like it's whatever" pose.

We decided to go to a field down the road. He told me that he wishes he could be a farmer and farm land and buy cattle and all that stuff. I told him that I don't believe him. This is the guy that wants to plant a church in New York City. He said there's sometimes a difference between what you want and what you're called to. Touché.

I'm glad we hung out this morning. I always want to prioritize people over product. I want to do the shoot, but more than that, I want to foster relationships. People really matter to me. Photography is basically my way of just hanging out with people and sometimes getting paid for it. It's nice.

A little update, since going all in on photography, God has opened up so many doors and opportunities. I'm going to be posting a lot more shoots this week that I haven't gotten around to posting, so keep coming back through out the week if you want to see them. Also, what do you think of the new site? I'd love to hear your thoughts! I wanted something a bit more professional.