Tuesday @ 7 - #11: Adam Westlake

I've gotta be real here, this isn't my best shoot. My main reason for starting Tuesday @ 7 was to practice and make mistakes and learn. I love several of the shots from this shoot, especially the black and white ones. But today was definitely a learning experience. Which is what Tuesday @ 7 is all about! So it was still a success in that regard for sure.

But enough about the shoot. Let's talk about Adam. What a guy. If you know Adam, you know that he is one of a kind. First off, just to get it out of the way because everyone knows it, he can play a guitar like no one else. Pretty sure he started playing guitar at like 6 months old or something. I've never heard anyone play the way he does. Lots of big churches have noticed too. 

Adam was one of the first people I met in college. He was my suitemate in the dorms when we lived in this hall that was designed for this special mentorship program for freshmen that DBU has. The hall had 4 mentors on it for all the guys and everything. It was pretty neat. But on move in day of my freshman year, I went into my dorm, walked over to the suite and there was Adam. He hopped off his bed, introduced himself, and I knew really quickly that I was going to like him a lot.  Maybe it's just me, but I feel like there's something special about those people who first accept you in college, and Adam was one of those people. We didn't live together sophomore year, but he invited me to live in his townhome our junior year, so we're back living together with 5 more of the best guys I know.

Sometimes I call Adam things like Mr. Village or Adam Westvillage because he goes to The Village Church and is always doing something for them. I don't know if the The Village has like a list of traits that makes a perfect member of their church, but if they did, I bet Adam meets all of the things on the list. As much as I joke around with him about it, his loyalty and devotion to his church is one of the most admirable qualities about Adam. He selflessly pours himself out for his church like no one else I've ever met. His love for the local church is apparent and is something I think everyone, myself definitely included, could learn from.

Adam really does live and breathe music though. He plays probably every day of the week. When he's not playing, he's working in the DBU recording studio playing, recording, and mixing other people's music. He listens to the widest variety of music I've ever seen. Like today, we listened to so much music. From Hillsong United to jazz to Brandon Flowers to Tori Kelley to some weird indie thing and some other stuff. We also talked about the future of the Church, so theres that. He's a very versatile guy. 

So that's my roommate, Adam. The truth is, I made some mistakes in this shoot. I feel good about where I am and where I'm headed, but I'm still learning. For one, the light that time of day just isn't what it was in the spring. The sun rises at like 6:15am these days. That on top of having an early morning class in July, I'm gonna have to figure out a new strategy for these shoots for the summer. Maybe they'll start being Tuesday @ 7PM shoots? We'll see. Funny enough, I actually do have a shoot tonight at 7pm. I'll let you know how the light is. That said, I do like these pics, especially those black and whites at the end. And it was a blast hanging with Adam. These shoots are for fun and for practice and I got both today. So I'm still happy :)