The Two Ways You Can Spend 2014

It’s finally 2014.

New years bring new resolutions. This is usually the time people decide to turn their life around. And when we look at the 356 days ahead of us, we are faced with two options on how we can spend them.

1. For yourself.
2. For the Kingdom of God.

Every choice you make this year will fall into one of those categories.

This year, you will be building a kingdom. That’s not a question. Every bit of work you do will be for a kingdom. But the real question is:

Whose kingdom are you building?

This year, make wise choices. Slow down and check your motives. Are you working for yourself or for God? Are you trying to please man or the Lord? Are you building your own kingdom or God’s Kingdom?

The answer to this question affects everything.

Happy New Year!