The Difference Between Heroes and Victims

There is a big difference in what you spend your free time thinking about. You know, that time when your mind doesn’t have anything else to think about so it defaults?

Whether you would put these words to it or not, I bet your mind defaults to thinking about one of two things:

  1. All the ways that people and society are trying to hurt you
  2. All the ways you can help people and society

The difference between those two is crucial.

One is a victim mentality and one is a hero mentality.

If you think you’re the victim, then you think everyone is out to get you. People. Groups. Government. Anything.

Of course, some of you are actually victims of some sort of sin against you in one way or another. I’m not talking about being a victim in that sense.

I mean being a victim in your thinking. These people live in a constant state of paranoia. They don’t contribute much to society because they’re too scared of society to participate in it.

The next is the hero mentality. I don’t mean hero in the sense that you’re saving everyone. That’s a little egotistical. Jesus already did that.

When I say hero mentality, I mean that you spend your thoughts and time trying to make this world a better place. You’re not worried about what other people are doing. You trust that God has you taken care of and that frees you up to live to take care of others.

Here’s the key: Instead of worrying about your own needs, you worry about others’ needs.

Victims only care about how they are being treated. Heroes care about how they are treating others.

Jesus was a hero. The Holy Spirit empowers us to be heroes. The Bible commands us to be heroes.

Do you look out for your own needs or the needs of others? Are you a victim or a hero?

The choice is yours.

Hello, World!