The Danger of Being Saved By Grace

People saved by grace are the most dangerous people around.


They're not afraid of failure.
They know they can take risks and fail.
They don't find their worth in success, power, money, status, or sex.
They're not seeking the approval of people. They don't really care what other people think.
They're just trying to please God.

But we're saved by grace.

Thanks to Jesus, God is already pleased with us.
So we're free to fail.
We're free to put our lives on the line and mess up.
We're free to get things not quite right.
Because we don't care about failure.

Thanks to Jesus, we've already overcome. 
We're more than conquerors.
We're victorious in His resurrection.

So bring on the risk.
Bring on the failure.
Bring on this mistakes.

We'll get right back up and keep going.


We're saved by grace.

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