PORTRAIT: Haley Cain

Confession: Haley was supposed to be a Tuesday @ 7 shoot. However, I got booked out really far, confused, and double booked. Also, with summer starting, she was about to leave for several months to go home. But I promised her a shoot and a shoot she got! We shot just a few hours before she headed out. I'd like to think that I'm a man of my word even if I do make some mistakes. 

2015 is a funny year. It's funny because sometime more friendships start online than in person these days. Haley and I even go to the same school, but somehow we were Twitter friends before we were real life friends. Isn't it crazy what social media can do? We can be friends without having ever actually meeting, but those friendships can turn into real life friendships. It's easy to hate on social media and the distractions that it causes (which is warranted) but ignore all the good that can come from it. Maybe I'll write a separate thing on that. It's a fun topic.

Haley and I bonded over our shared love of theatre, Harry Potter, and Fall Out Boy. Also, walking in the mud. That first location under the road is awesome, but I forgot that it rained the day before and was way more muddy that I expected. That's when we went to a different place. Whoops. Oh well. The shots turned out great from it!

So that's that shoot! I love making new friends. I love making new friends while taking their photos and learning about their lives! Like who knew that Haley has been trained in self-defense and wants to teach other women in order to help human trafficking victims and prevention? Crazy. Everyone has a story and that's what makes being a photographer so special. It's not just making them look cool or whatever, it's learning their story and being able to share it. 

I'd love to shoot your photos and learn your story!