How To Determine Success

Want to know how to determine success?

It has nothing to do with numbers.
It has nothing to do with statistics.
It has nothing to do with results.

It’s faithfulness.

It’s so easy to think that just because we had so many people show up to our event or we sold so many units of a product or that we got this many listens on Spotify that we are successful. None of that has anything to do with success.

Too many leaders have had big numbers behind them but have abandoned the calling once they got there.

They quit the church.
They compromised morally.
They sold the company.
They changed their sound.

They forgot why they got into it all in the first place.

So, what about you? How do you measure success?

Are you glued to your stats page or are you hard at work on the next thing you know you were made to do?

Your numbers are cool and all, but what are you doing now?