FASHION: Lululemon + LAW Designs

Somehow I landed a shoot with Lululemon. Don't ask how. I really don't know how. Remember my "Going All In" post? That was the week I officially went freelance. I was officially on my own on Monday and I got the email for this shoot on that Thursday or Friday. This was definitely a God thing.

However I ended up landing this shoot, I shot a look book for Lululemon and LAW Designs and it was so much fun!

We wanted to make it a half-lifestyle, half-fashion shoot. So we took the girls to Houndstooth and had them actually get to know each other over some coffee. 

My friend Hannah happened to be one of the models which made everything so much easier! They contacted us completely separately so we had no idea that we'd be on the shoot together!

Lululemon put out a line of casual wear that they're marketing as the "post-workout outfit." That's why we didn't shoot them in a gym. But Lululemon is known for their yoga clothes, so we went down the street to a gym and had shot some fitness wear.

Some of my favorite shots ever are from this shoot. I still can't believe I got to shoot this. I love doing shoots of all kinds, but this is the kind of stuff I want to do more of. I would love to do more commercial work for brands, so this was a huge step in the right direction. Glad I got to work with these two brands and I hope I get to work them more in the future!