FASHION: Hannah Morrison #1

This week, I finally put my foot in the door of fashion photography. This is something I've always wanted to do since I picked up a camera, just never really did anything with it. Part of me thought it was kind of a weird thing to be interested in, another part of me thought I'd never be good enough to actually do fashion. I just kind of shrugged it off. 

I've been practicing recently though. My Tuesday @ 7 shoots have been more fashion in style than anything else. I wanted to try fashion without calling it fashion. I've been happy with the results, so I decided to jump into it. That's when Hannah and I reached out to each other.


Hannah Morrison is a friend of mine who's getting started in the fashion industry herself. And by getting started, I mean she's starting to blow up in it right now. She was the first employee (besides the founder) of the local men's fashion startup called NEED, helped start the sister company, Foremost, and runs her own personal fashion blog on the side called The Cake because she can. 

I've known Hannah for a while now. She was housemates with Katie for a semester and married Paul Morrison, who I had a lot of mutual friends with until we finally met and became friends around the time they got married.


I was planning on reaching out to Hannah eventually, but she beat me to the punch just a couple of weeks into my Tuesday @ 7 series. Fashion and photography are natural partners, so Hannah and I partnering together made perfect sense. She always needs photos of her in clothes she gets sent and I always need models. Perfect. We finally met up to talk about it, scheduled a shoot, and voila (is that how you spell it?) Hannah and I are officially working together and I'm so pumped about it!


She's helping me get my start in more fashion photography right now by connecting me to other people like her to take photos of. I already have a shoot scheduled with another Dallas fashion blogger here in a couple of weeks and I can't wait to start working more and more in this world. 

I should mention that the outfit she's wearing is from ChicWish. Clearly, I'm not the target market, but maybe some of you ladies are. You should check them out on their website. //


Hannah and I are going to be doing a lot of shoots together, so you'll be seeing her on this blog a lot more. We're doing another shoot this Wednesday, so I mean it when I say you'll be seeing her around more often.


Also, yes, she totally looks a lot like Reese Witherspoon. That was the main comment when I first posted some of these pics on Instagram hahaha. I guess we'll see what happens when Harry Potter takes pics of Reese Witherspoon. That'll be interesting. 

Are you a fashion blogger?