Denton Instameet

Have you ever heard of Instameets? I've been hearing a lot about them lately and I've have some friends that have started going to them. As a photographer, I was always interested but never really went for some reason.

Well, this week there was an Instameet in my hometown of Denton so I no longer had any excuses not to go.

Taking pictures with people around my favorite place on Earth? I'm in.

So Katie and I decided to head on down to the Denton Square on Saturday afternoon and see what this whole Instameet thing was all about. And man, I loved it.


I met some awesome people like Tom McDaniel, Alexa Mihalla, and Kasey Finley, and I got to reconnect with some friends like Matt Baugus and Andrew Brewer. 

It was so crazy for me to see a community built around taking pictures on Instagram. But it was awesome. It's a great way to get plugged into a local community and make some new friends.

As a Christian, this is especially nice. Most of my community is always other Christians. Which is great, but it starts to become a problem when all of my friends are Christians. Some of the people at this meet were Christians, but some also weren't. I like that. I'm looking forward to going to more of these and making some non-Christian friends.

Another observation I made was that my photography got way better when I was around people who were also really good photographers. Not to say the stuff I took was the best, but it was better than normal for me and the people I was around people who were better than me. I'm excited to see where just being around these people takes my skills as a photographer.

Bottom line: I take Instagram seriously now. For the longest time it was just a fun way to take pictures or promote my "real photography." Now, I'm gonna be treating it was a real art-form and a real community to be apart of. 

So if there's an Instameet happening in DFW, you better believe that you'll see me there.

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