Creative Self-Criticism

We’re always the most critical of ourselves. We always think everything we do is horrible. Whether that’s art, music, acting, sports (whatever that is for athletes. I wouldn’t know), writing, etc. It could be anything. For some reason, we see someone else do something and it’s awesome and then we try to do the same thing and we think we suck. Why is this?

It’s because of two things.

1) We elevate talented people to a level higher than they actually are in our minds.

2) We think we could never be talented enough to do what they do.

Both are lies.

First, we have a tendency to elevate talented people to an unrealistic level of awesome in our minds. This is bad for both you and the talented person you’re doing this too. It’s bad for you because you’re creating a sort of idol for yourself that not only is standing in the way of your own creativity, but it’s standing in the way of your walk with God. It’s bad for the person you’re idolizing because you’re turning them into someone they’re not. They’re just a regular person like you and I, they just happen to be really good at a particular something. By making them who you want them to be, you’re taking away their individuality and freedom to be themselves which is the very thing that made them appeal to you in the first place.

Second, each of us has a voice in our head that the writer, Julie Cameron, calls “The Censure.” The Censure is the voice that always tells us we suck. Every time we create something, The Censure tells us that it’s terrible, it’s not original, no one will like it, to give up and do something else. However, this voice is lying to you. Every great artist had their critics in their early days. But they persevered and put their work out there anyways. The big break is a myth. Success doesn’t come overnight, it comes by putting yourself out there without fear of what people may think. Someone will notice.

Don’t worry about what people think. You’ll always put yourself down no matter what. What you have to do is realize that you’re better than that. Put yourself out there and see the results.