Having Vision

People who know me know that I’m always looking ahead to the future. I always seem to be anxious about something. Right now that thing is definitely college but it’s been many different things throughout the year. Some people may say this is a bad thing, and I understand where they’re coming from, but I disagree. I think its important to have a vision for your future. It’s good to have some sort of an idea of what you want and where you want to go in life. Without vision, it’s easy to get lost and aimlessly walk through life. I definitely understand the Carpe Diem, #YOLO kind of mindset. I love it because I do think it is important to capture every moment and every opportunity that comes my way. However, sometimes life throws me multiple opportunities at the same time and I need to know which one to take. That’s where vision comes in handy.

God has given me certain talents that can lead to a couple of different paths. One of them is pastoral ministry and the other is marketing. Both involve making someone or something look good, whether that be Jesus or businesses. I could probably do either one, so which opportunity do I choose? Having vision allows me to see that I could be either and I would love to be either so I need to plan accordingly. Instead of majoring in either Biblical Studies or Marketing which would eliminate one or the other, I can major in Communication Theory so I can be trained to communicate messages no matter what the message may be.

By doing that, I can be ready for either opportunity as they open in my future. So, have a vision for your life so you can see the opportunities that God might give you in the future. Plan accordingly so you can be ready no matter the situation. Have a vision for your life so you can see where you’re going.