Beautiful Pain

He has made everything beautiful in it’s time. [Ecc. 3:11]

If there is one thing God hasn’t let me forget in life, it’s pain. I have seen pain in ways that a lot of people don’t experience in their whole lives in the first 18 years of my life. I used to be really bitter about this. I used to be mad at God for making me have to go through so much and experience pain in the ways that I had. I hated God so much for it that I left him behind for a year.

However, God drew me back and taught me a lesson. He showed me Ecclesiastes 3:11 and taught me that he has made everything beautiful in it’s time. Sometimes it takes time to see it, but it is beautiful.  

I love how the verse isn’t in future tense but past tense. It doesn’t say he will make everything beautiful, it says he has made everything beautiful. Whether we see it or not, it is beautiful. Every situation, every bit of pain is beautiful in God’s eyes, we just may not see it yet because it’s all in God’s timing, but we will. He uses pain to draw us closer to him. He uses pain to show us the true beauty in life. Because only from a place of pain can you experience true grace, forgiveness, truth, and love.

Sometimes things have to be broken before they can be beautiful. 

So hang in there. God has already made your pain beautiful.