I'm Ian.

A writer, speaker, photographer, videographer, marketer, musician, of sorts.

Anyways, I'm here to help.




One thing I really enjoy is media. I love taking pictures, shooting videos, making typographics, and social media. I can also make you look really good and get you noticed by doing these things. How about we make a deal? You give me a little business and I'll get you a little business, eh?



I just so happen to be a pretty good communicator when it comes to speaking and writing. I like to talk about things pertaining to Jesus, changing the world while you're young, and social media marketing. But if you need me to talk about something else, I'm down for that too.



I'm self-taught on a couple of instruments. Drums and guitar to be exact. I also have a little bit of vocal training in my past so I can do that too. I have experience in playing contemporary praise music, pop-rock fist-pumpers, and latin choral music. I have a thing for all the above, too. Go figure.