I'm a photographer. Specifically, I love people photography.

(but I do other things too)

Here are some people I've worked with.



the cake by hannaH






I enjoy shooting...








Every Tuesday I Tell A Story


Stories are powerful. Each of us has a unique story that needs to be told. I love telling stories and I love giving others a chance to share theirs. I believe that photos naturally lend themselves to story telling. That's why every Tuesday, I hand-select one person for a sunrise or sunset photoshoot and tell their story on my website.



I was born and raised in the town of Denton, TX. It's the artsy suburb in the big city DFW metroplex. It's often compared to Austin in culture, but it's probably weirder. I moved to Dallas in 2012 for school and now spend my time constantly driving between the two cities. I dated my now fiancé for nearly 6 years before we finally got engaged. We started dating at 15 years old and will be married within the next year. We're chronicling our journey together over at HappilyHarber.com.

At 19, I cofounded a ministry for young adults in Dallas called INITIATIVE. I spearheaded the marketing as the Executive Director of Marketing as well as helped build the organization from the ground up for nearly two years before leaving to be a professional photographer. Since then, I've worked with fashion bloggers, companies, churches, families, and individuals both taking their photos and building their websites.

I love telling stories. I believe we all have a story and all of our stories are worth telling. I started a project called Tuesday At 7 where I hand-select someone for a photoshoot and tell their story. You could call it a passion project.

This is what I do. I take pictures. I tell stories. And I want to do that for you.

Interested in working together?